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Dwight Weigelt

Dwight Weigelt

Chief Financial Officer

Dwight Weigelt

Dwight received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting in 1975 from Gonzaga University. In Woolworth Management Program Dwight leveraged an in-depth understanding of accounting would serve him well throughout a career in management. Combined with retail sales acumen, this helped him to achieve best-in-class in metrics and bonus. This insight serves him well quarterly, as he analyzes results, prepares forecasts and budgets, and shepherds them into reality.

Along the way Dwight leveraged the degree into achieving: CPA and CITP from the AICPA (retired); and being featured cover story in Accounting Today for building an accounting software sales and support team within a top 40 accounting firm. Dwight was instrumental in implementing computerized accounting software systems in over 1,500 firms. The key was more than sales; it was the consistent implementation of systems beyond the client’s or designer’s expectations. one designer put it “Most implementers solve client issues similarly; your insight offers unique solutions that are most often better.”

Dwight had the opportunity to work in a start-up company environment designing processes and procedures that would impact our ability to become profitable in the marketplace and mine management metrics from the data within our systems. He worked across department lines as the liaison between Finance and Operations, as well as Finance and Sales. It was as that keystone position that the ability to see things from the other’s perspective became essential to achieving results beyond their wildest expectations.

Toastmasters expands Dwight’s listening and speaking ability; the ability to speak well is essential in communication, but goes nowhere without the ability to first, listen well. While achieving several competent toastmaster awards, as well as club president for multiple terms the toastmaster experience also continues to serve him well both personally and as a means to add value to others. Dwight has taken toastmasters to several teams and been able to continue to surround himself with achievers.

Dwight’s passion is leadership with integrity. He’ll add value from any position on the team. He thrives on building teams that add value to others exceeding their expectations. Dwight continues to pursue and achieve that passion in a servant-leadership capacity.